More information on Epidermolysis Bullosa

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    Debra.org provides free programs and services to the EB Community in the United States and fund the most innovative research directed at symptom relief and a systemic cure.

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    EB Info World

    EB Info World is a blog dedicated to Epidermolysis Bullosa information and awareness.

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    EB Care

    The EBCare Patient Insights Network (PIN) amplifies the voice of patients to help researchers and drug developers find better treatments, faster. Register now to become part of a research-ready PIN with participants from around the world.

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    Cure EB

    Cure EB (formerly Sohana Research Fund) is dedicated to finding effective treatments and a cure for Epidermolysis Bullosa. It was set up in 2011, by the parents of Sohana Collins, a young child with a severe form of the condition.

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    EB World Congress

    Bringing together the world's experts to share state-of-the-art information and knowledge on Epidermolysis Bullosa.

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    EB Nurse

    Presented by AdaptHealth Patient Care Solutions to support the Epidermolysis Bullusa Community.